1. Do I have Single Vision, Progressive, or Bifocal?

    A Single Vision lens is a standard Rx lens. Single Vision is used to correct one field of vision, the entire lens has ONE correction. If your prescription does not include and "ADD", you have a single vision prescription.

    A Bifocal or Progressive lens has TWO areas of correction on the lens. On a Bifocal lens, these two areas are separated by a line, usually somewhere on the bottom half of the lens. A Progressive lens is a no-line bifocal. The two areas are separated by a smooth transition, and no line is visible. If your prescription includes an "ADD" your lenses will be Progressive or Bifocal.

  2. What is PD? How do I obtain it?

    The PD (Pupilary Distance) is the measurement of the distance between your pupils. This measurement is essential in order to properly make your Rx lenses. If it is not on your prescription you can ask your eye doctor, they may have it on file. Otherwise you can measure it yourself or visit any optometry office.

    Check out this video for easy instructions: PD VIDEO

  3. What is the difference between CR-39, Polycarbonate (PC) and Hi-Index?

    CR-39 is a standard lens. It is the least expensive. It is shatterproof and offers adequate scratch resistance.

    Polycarbonate (PC) is recommended for prescriptions above +2.50 or below -2.50. PC is a lighter, thinner and more scratch resistant lens than a CR-39.

    Hi-Index is an ultra thin lens and recommended for prescriptions above +5.00 or below -5.00.

  4. How long will it take to make my lenses?

    Rx and custom lenses take 7-10 business days. We will call or email when they are ready.

  5. What is your return policy for Rx lenses?

    Since they are custom made to your specific prescription, Rx lenses are non-refundable. All sales are final for Rx orders.

  6. Do you accept insurance?

    Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance, however, we can provide an itemized receipt which may be used for reimbursement.

  7. I want something that isn't an option on your website, can I order it?

    We offer additional Rx and lens customization options that may not be listed on our website. Please email us at info@tresnoir.com with your request and we will send you a quote.

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